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How to Set a Skin Track

Oct. 13th 2014

The glory belongs to face shots, fall lines, and untouched powder, but the skin track is where backcountry skiing happens. It’s not uncommon to spend four hours skinning and four minutes making turns. For a first time backcountry skier (or for most of us on our first day each season) the skin track is grueling a work out. But with time, the hypnotic rhythm and the winter beauty creep under our skin (and skins!) and we learn to love a well-made skin track as much as the descent. Well, almost as much.


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Steep skin tracks: Hate ’em? Andrew McLean says don’t

Dec. 16th 2010

If there’s anyone qualified to riff on skin tracks, it’s Andrew McLean. The guy’s logged more time on climbing skins than most.

And if there’s one topic that some folks love to bash on in the backcountry (other than dog poop on route), it’s steep skin tracks. Andrew’s take: Dealing with steep tracks is a matter of technique and tools, as well as a way to keep things interesting.

Chris Figenshau shows how it's done.

Whether you love steep skinning or hate it and don’t foresee changing that view, this is good beta, because you know you’re going to be dealing with steep skin tracks sometimes.

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