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NTN telemark bindings: less than meets the eye

Nov. 17th 2011
NTN BindingRottefella’s NTN telemark binding, the New Telemark Norm system, has changed the way we look at telemark skiing. NTN arguably has usurped the traditional boot/binding interface of a cable binding for superior power transfer, better edge hold, release-ability, and step-in efficiency. These are all good things.

However, NTN has also gotten a rap among some skiers for the perception that it’s heavier and has a higher price tag.

But, like anything, you have a to look at all the information.

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Optimal mounting positions for SCARPA’s tech-fitted ski boots

Oct. 27th 2011

SCARPA Boot TechniciansWithin SCARPA’s Alpine Touring and Freeride ski boot fleets, including NTN telemark boots with tech fittings, mounting procedures and positions aren’t the same across the board. With different lower cuffs, scaffos, as described by the Italians, SCARPA has different positions for optimal pivots within four touring categories.

SCARPA’s eye for ergonomics pays heed to the nuance of movement. Freeride and Alpine Touring boots constructed on the same scaffo, such as the Skookum, Mobe, and Shaka, should all have their toe piece mounted 4mm back from the standard jig mount while the heel piece remains flush and in sync with the jig for proper mount location. Rando Race boots such as the F1, F1 Race, and F1 Carbon should have the toe piece mounted 6mm back for optimal pivot positioning.

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