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Rottefella NTN tour dates announced – ya gotta try it to believe it

Nov. 12th 2010

If you’ve been wanting to give Rottefella’s innovative NTN telemark binding a try, check out the tour dates below. Rottefella with Telemark Skier Magazine will be conducting a tour this winter to spread the stoke and give folks the opportunity to experience the revolution of skiing tele without a cable.

If you don’t know what NTN  is, it’s a new binding and boot interface that radically improves the power transfer from boot to ski for telemark skiing. Instead of attaching the boot to the ski via a ‘duckbill’-style 75 mm toe, as do all other telemark bindings, the NTN binding clasps the boot underfoot with opposing force. The interface connects to the boot via two separate points, at the front of the boot (much like a traditional alpine skiing binding) as well as under the boot just beneath the arch via a second heel. Because it connects at two points, and in a more secure way, NTN delivers unparalleled performance.

But we hear ya. Ya gotta try to believe. So now’s your chance (or soon anyway).

Head to anyone of the demo events below and look for the demo tent. Telemark Skier Editor Josh Madsen, who’s helping manage the tour, will be present at all events. Along with raffling off an NTN binding at each event, they’ll have

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