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SCARPA Athletes Among National Geographic Adventurers of the Year

Jan. 8th 2015

For the last 10 years, National Geographic has selected the world’s most accomplished athletes, explorers and humanitarians to join their esteemed list of Adventurers of the Year. Among this year’s impressive roster of adventurers are SCARPA athletes Ueli Steck, Will Gadd and Erik Weihenmayer. These men have trekked, summited, soared and rafted their way into some of the most uncharted territory in their respective sports. And while we’re not surprised that they’re nominated, we’re incredibly excited to share more about the incredible feats that have landed them on National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year list.

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Climbing At The Ouray Ice Festival With Ueli Steck

Jan. 16th 2014

Artley Goodhart, SCARPA employee and grassroots athlete, took off for the Ouray Ice Festival last week. Here is his wrap up of the event.

The Ouray Ice Festival is something I look forward to every year; it’s the perfect way to finish up the gluttonous holiday season. Ouray, Colorado is a small mountain town in southwest Colorado that comes alive during this festival. People come from far and wide, traveling to watch, climb and test the latest gear in the Ice Park.

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Against the Grain: The Rebel Pro’s Values

Dec. 12th 2013

Four-season versatility; it’s the new black when it comes to technical mountain boots. Designed with the help of Swiss Ace climber Ueli Steck, SCARPA’s Rebel Pro GTX is the lightest full service, all-mountain alpine climbing boot on the market. Whether your thing is steep ice, mixed terrain, demanding alpine routes, or simply all of the above, the super-light Rebel Pro GTX is the correct answer.

The boot’s first contact with the world is The Vibram sole, which provides the perfect balance of climbing proficiency, traction and weight savings. Broad support surfaces at the tip, or “climbing zone” are particularly useful when climbing rocky passages were grip is essential. Accepting full and semi-automatic crampons, the Pro can appeal to a broad array for cramponing preferences as well.

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In his own words: Ueli Steck and partner Tenji summit Everest without Oxygen

Jun. 8th 2012

Ueli Steck and his climbing partner, Tenji summitted Everest last week without oxygen. It was the first time that Steck successfully summitted, after turning back a hundred meters shy of the summit last year due to cold feet.  Steck shared this account of their summit day on his blog, including details about what they ate and the other parties they encountered on the mountain. In Ueli Steck’s words:

There are a few things in life of an alpinist, which you should have done. For me this was the ascent of Mount Everest. This was one of my goals which I wanted to reach as a climber and alpinist.

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Ueli Steck on training via running in the SCARPA Sparks

Apr. 20th 2012

Most folks familiar with Ueli Steck’s achievements think of him as one of the world’s most accomplished alpinists. And that’s certainly accurate. But staying in shape for the world’s most visionary climbs involves a lot of training of the more everyday sort – running.

Because he does so much training (1,200 hours per year!), Steck says the simplicity and ease of running appeals to him. That, and the fact that – as he says – unlike with speed solo climbing, if you make a mistake running, you won’t die. So there’s that …

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Rebel GTX Carbon: Ueli Steck and SCARPA create another masterpiece

Apr. 5th 2012

Ueli Steck wearing the Rebel GTX Carbon, photo in Outside Magazine, March

Light. Fast. Dependable. Those are the three words Ueli Steck wants to hear when he thinks about designing boots with SCARPA. Their latest collaboration is just that: The Rebel GTX Carbon is the designing duo’s most recent masterpiece in alpine performance and versatility. Comfortable on snow, rock and ice, the Rebel is home anywhere in the alpine landscape. Absolute commitment is paramount in climbing at this level, so why shouldn’t absolute commitment be made to creating the best boot possible? SCARPA and Ueli Steck are on the same page, and the Rebel is testament to that commitment.

Ueli has made a point of balancing marathon style endurance with technical craftsmanship in his pursuits of climbing long alpine routes. SCARPA wants to help him develop the best possible tools with which to continue on his path. The Rebel is meant to be as comfortable as a running shoe, nimble as a rock shoe, and yet crampon compatible, and tough enough to perform in the high peaks, allowing him to climb at his limit with confidence.

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The Trust: Ueli Steck and SCARPA discuss their symbiotic relationship of innovation and design

Mar. 29th 2012

Literally coming off the heels of their latest collaboration, the new Rebel GTX Carbon alpine boot, speed climbing supercharger Ueli Steck and SCARPA answer a few questions about their decade-long relationship of designing, building and testing the best mountain boots, and how it pertains to the changing state-of-the-art in alpine climbing.

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SCARPA and Ueli Steck collaborate to create Rebel GTX Carbon

Aug. 3rd 2011

What do you get when you combine the efforts of world-renowned climber Ueli Steck and SCARPA, the most innovative manufacturer of mountain footwear in the world? The perfect boot for rock, snow, ice, or approach: the Rebel GTX Carbon. Debuting at Outdoor Retailer this week, the Rebel weighs in at a mere 1lb, 7oz per boot.

Don’t conclude that any performance was sacrificed for weight savings, though. It’s made with the strongest, lightest materials available, including a carbon-fiber insole (hence, the name). The Rebel has a climbing shoe-like fit due to a low-profile Gore-Tex stretch tongue and a low-volume alpine last.

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Ueli Steck speed soloing the Eiger

Apr. 7th 2011

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to speed solo an alpine face, this video of SCARPA team member Ueli Steck, who contributed to the design on SCARPA’s latest mountaineering, ice and mixed climbing boots, gives you some idea of what it’s like, high on the Eiger, ropeless, thousands of feet off the deck.

This video captures just amazing perspective on what it must feel like to be in that position What’s particularly poignant is how quickly Steck trusts his axe and crampon placements in this kind of mixed terrain. And no room for error here …

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