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The 7 Best Ways to Apres Your Summer Climbing Sessions

Aug. 13th 2015

Summer climbing isn’t just about spending time on rock. It’s also about friends, good weather, and taking it easy. Apres, that time of relaxation, reflection, and maybe a cold beverage, is one of the beauties of summer climbing. In fact, we love apres so much that we even make shoes designed specifically for the occasion. To celebrate summer and the wonderful institution of post-climb refreshments, we asked seven of our athletes how they unwind after a day of cragging. Here’s what they said.

Cody Scarpella

After a long day of climbing there is nothing more refreshing than an icy cold, river-chilled brewski. It requires a little preparation. I carry a mesh bag with a draw string, like a fishing net with a closure to put the beer in. Drop the bag into the river and tie off the draw string to something on the riverbank to keep the refreshments from floating away.

Summer Climbing Apres

The proper method to river-chill a beer.

Alli Rainey

I always down a packet of CLIF Shot Protein Recovery Drink Mix, Chocolate Flavor mixed with 8 oz of cold water. Not only is it delicious but also, it helps get much-needed nutrients to my worked muscles to help promote recovery before I even start my hike down from the crag. I might drink something else cold and refreshing when I get home, too…but that depends on the day and my plans for the next day, too! ūüėČ

Will Gadd

Gin and tonic. Summer drink of the century.

Sam Elias

First, I do a CLIF Shot recovery mixed with GoGnarly Whey and BCAA’s. Then, an Avery IPA. All combined to have a 4:1 carbs to protein ratio.

Joel Zerr

I know it sounds cheesy but my favorite after-climbing refreshment is a protein shake. I always bring some mix with me for right after my session. Projecting hard boulders is similar to a full body strength workout, so I like to promote building of muscle tissue to increase maximum strength right after. This helps me to continue to progress on my project during the next session.

Sarah Hueniken

If I’m motivated, the best summer drink is a fresh mint mojito.¬†We can¬†actually grow mint in the Bow Valley‚ÄĒone of the few hearty greens that can actually endure the Rocky Mountain weather.¬†If I’m lazy‚ÄĒwhich is more often the case‚ÄĒnothing beats a cold glass of Viognier.¬†I’m a big white wine fan in the summer, and Viogniers have a great summery fruity¬†flavor.

Rob Pizem

Cool mountain spring water every single time!

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