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The Natural Path: Meet SCARPA’s new Marketing Coordinator Tristan Hobson

Aug. 22nd 2013

The outdoors has always been a part of Tristan Hobson’s life, so why ruin a good thing? SCARPA’s new marketing coordinator grew up playing in the woods and backpacking before he could walk. He knew how to snowboard before he could write in cursive, and could tie into a rope and place an ice screw before he had a college degree. So, it was only a natural path for him to land a job in the outdoor industry. We sat the freshman down for a quick chat about his months on the job, and got his take on becoming part of the SCARPA family.

When did you get the Marketing Coordinator gig with SCARPA? What were you doing just prior?

I started working at SCARPA in late March 2013. Luckily, I’m not the newest person though. Prior to this I had done a bit in the industry in temp positions and internships relating to marketing in the outdoor industry. I started out with CAMP-USA while I was still in college, then did some work for Outdoor Pro Link and was most recently (three weeks prior) working for the Lafuma Group. I also mixed in a bit of the ski bum and climbing lifestyle post-college. I lived in Vail for a winter selling skis and ice climbing equipment, and skiing a whole bunch. I’ve also lived in the mountains a bit during college and was a snowboard instructor.

I then moved back to Boulder to spend a summer climbing, and start chipping away at finding a more permanent job where I could enthusiastically apply my creativity.

What’s the allure of marketing for you?

I’ve always found the idea of working in the outdoor industry very appealing. Being able to mix what I am passionate about in my free time with my career really seemed like a no brainer. I also grew up playing in the outdoors and have found a lot of my creative inspiration comes from the hills, mountains, and wild places, so to be able to have that be a part of my job has helped me to continually push myself, expand my creativity and look at how to further grow my skills.


SCARPA has been a company that I had my eye on for quite a while. They are a relatively young company in the U.S., and that makes it a really exciting challenge in my eyes. I have worked for a few startup companies, and having experienced how much you have to think outside the box to tackle almost every goal, was really engaging.

I knew SCARPA would be a great way to experience this in the outdoor industry. Adding to the allure is the fact that they make great products, and I was excited for the opportunity to be able to work on the creative side of things, as well as marketing for these products.

I love Boulder too, and I’m also very impressed at the variety of industry veterans I’m working under.

You recently graduated from CU, bringing with you a well of fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Can you speak a little on how you plan to apply those to the SCARPA brand?

Again, there are a lot of industry leaders here so we have a great platform and background for the necessary steps to further strengthen the brand and continue to increase the momentum in the public. But, I am excited to be able to bring ideas on growing our social platforms, increasing our brand image and further strengthening SCARPA within the community. I always think that a fresh set of eyes on any project is important.

Your credentials include photography and digital design, as well as having a degree in advertising. It seems having overlapping skill sets is the necessary recipe for being a viable member of any growing business. Do you think that helped you land the job?

I think this and my previous experiences helped a lot. But in general, I think the more fields a single individual can skillfully cover is really important, especially now as companies are having to be very frugal. I know for SCARPA—aside from my digital design skills—they were very pleased to see that I have knowledge in photography and are excited to utilize these skills as we move forward.

What are the biggest challenges of this job for you?

Working with multiple international brands. I would say it is just something that you learn to adjust your pace to though, so it is more of a quick learning curve than a challenge.


Being given the opportunities to expand upon creative ideas and skills that I have, and being able to feel great about utilizing so many of my skills under one roof. I also can’t complain about the perks like climbing trips, which really help revitalize you after the fast-paced deadlines we have around here. They are our equivalent of Spa days.

What SCARPA gear are you currently thriving on?

I am currently super psyched on the Techno X’s (available Spring 2014), one of our new rock shoes. Mix them with some good beats and they will help you climb way harder than you have before—or at least be more excited about it. I also can’t wait to get a pair of the Rebel Ultra GTX boots on my feet this winter, they’re going to be a game changer for alpine ice routes in Rocky Mountain National Park. And needless to say, the new Freedom SL freeride ski boots rock.

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