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The Quick Fix: remolding your liners to breathe life back into those boots.

Feb. 16th 2012

SCARPA Precision Intuition LinerGetting the full life span and potential out of a SCARPA ski boot isn’t that difficult. Seasonal maintenance can go a long way to ensure your favorite boots stay around for a while. As long as you keep the shell (lower and cuff) in good condition, almost everything else on the boot can be repaired or replaced, including, but not limited to, powerstraps, buckles, tongues, hardware, straps, tour mechanisms, and, with regards to maximum comfort and performance, the liners.

Liners invariably wear out, even the ever-sturdy SCARPA-specific Intuition™ liners, but few can match the Intuition’s propensity to heal or rejuvenate through the relatively simple task of remolding to your boots. The heating, molding and memory virtues of Intuition foam allow SCARPA to provide a completely customized fit by heating the foam and molding it specifically to your foot and boot at the same time. Because they can be successfully remolded without compromise many times, the liners have, in essence, a multiplied life span. Depending on how much you ski, remolding might give your boots the push it deserves in the second half of your ski season. Picture the rising of the Phoenix, only every season or two, not every 75,000 years.

If you are an avid skier who gets out often—say once a week or more—after a season or two, remolding your liners might keep those boots tip top for another two seasons. What’s wrong with that? It’s not uncommon for SCARPA customers who use Intuition™ liners to switch them out with other ski boots. While specific liners are matched with boots for the ultimate balance in performance and efficiency, they can also be switched out or remolded to fit a different boot in the same size and still feel like the right tool. This can allow someone the flexibility to bounce between shell types, AT, Freeride or Tele, ultimately providing more latitude for the customer.

The bottom line is SCARPA recognizes the value of Intuition™ liners in helping them to make the longest lasting, highest performing ski boots on the market.

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