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The Total Package: The TX Pro brings NTN Virtues to Life

Dec. 15th 2014

Even at a glance it’s easy to notice the free heel TX Pro is not messing around. The four buckle NTN (New Telemark Norm) system boot is built for maximum power and finesse, boasting all of SCARPA’s tricks and materials, including tech fitting compatibility. By design, the system’s dual connection creates a stronger interface between boot and ski, providing more powerful edge to edge responsiveness, while maintaining natural flex and overall driveability. Paired with NTN, this boot/binding system sets the new standard for free heel performance.

TX Pro

The TX Pro is comparable to the SCARPA T1 in terms of performance—a hard driving downhill-oriented boot with walking ergonomics—but it weighs 1 pound, 6oz. lighter as a result of less materials. No more 75mm duckbill. In fact, combining boot and binding weights, NTN is only 1.5% heavier than the lightest traditional Tele/touring system (using a T1), and is 7.25% lighter than the only other releasable touring Tele system. This will make sense after slogging 2500 feet up a 4000-foot peak.

The Pro’s Powerblock Tour walk mode provides 22 degrees of fore/aft walkability, and ensures plenty of efficiency when bootpacking, skinning short or long distances, and provides overall ease of mobility when not clicked in. In addition to the four buckles, the powerstrap adds additional dynamic support, increased responsiveness, and further eliminates shin bang.

The guts of the boot have improved too. It’s still light, still warm, and we have continued using Intuition liners. And in the TX Pro, we’re using a slightly more streamlined and comfortable tongue liner, the Speed Pro G, which shaves material by design, yet still provides Intuition’s respected warmth, form-fitted comfort and lightness of foot—ideal for long days on your feet.

Indeed, the NTN has changed the way we look at telemark skiing. NTN has erased the casual boot/binding interface of a cable binding for superior power transfer, better edge hold, release-ability, and step-in efficiency. The TX Pro is there to capitalize on these improvements to deliver the best free heel performance in Tele skiing history.

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