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Unaweep Wall

Aug. 24th 2011

Rob Pizem, a member of SCARPA’s rock climbing team, has plans to free climb Unaweep Wall in Colorado this coming weekend.

In Rob’s words:
“Unaweep Wall lies on the west end of Unaweep Canyon just outside Grand Junction, Colorado. It is a granite and metamorphic gneiss, an overlooked and underused rock climbing mecca. Most of the noteworthy and established climbing is at the east end of the canyon on smaller features from sandstone boulders to 600 ft granite walls. Traditional routes are the main attraction, but more and more mixed and sport routes are being established by myself, Jesse Zacher and a few others.

At 1300ft tall, Unaweep Wall is imposing and impressive. Only broken by a ledge 200-300ft up, its cracks have been attempted by a few adventurous folks and officially completed by one. This Saturday, Jesse and I will attempt a ground up new line on the wall. Currently there is only one existing aide line on Unaweep Wall. We have only scoped the wall with a spotting scope and will hope that our journey brings us to the summit in good fashion. Our goal is to free climb the entire wall without having to resort to any aide climbing moves.”

Rob was wearing SCARPA rock shoes long before he was a sponsored climber, back when he had “a home made harness, a borrowed chalk bag, no rope, no draws and no climbing bag. There was something innocent about the beginning, something special, something exciting. Those times are back and I find myself more often off the beaten track, discovering the new and enchanted.”

We wish him luck as he once again goes off the beaten path and explores Unaweep Canyon this weekend.

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