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Video: How to heat mold SCARPA’s Intuition ski boot liners

Dec. 9th 2010

Heat molding the liners in your ski boots is one of the best things you can do to achieve a positive experience while skiing and ski-touring in your boots. This video, featuring SCARPA North America CEO Kim Miller and Director of Winter Product Development Chris Clark, is a great ‘how to’ for molding SCARPA’s Intuition liners.

And yes, do make sure that there aren’t any PBR cans in your boots before molding them …

On a more serious note, heat molding is important for a variety of reasons:

Molding boots gives you a custom fit. Particularly with SCARPA’s Intuition liners, whose proprietary foam is capable of compressing and expanding to accommodate different foot shapes, molding your boots is like getting a custom-tailored suit. As if anyone around here wears suits, but you get our drift.

If there’s one take-away, it’s this: Don’t equate comfort on the sales floor to comfort and performance on the ski hill. The molding process is a key step where you can ensure a positive experience in the mountains.

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