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Video Report: U.S. Ski Mountaineering Championships in Jackson Hole

Jan. 12th 2011

What is it about skiing…

What is it about skiing that drives us waaaay beyond that which would normally qualify as Best Practice, and what conventional wisdom would call reasonable.

We could all just rock comfy Bogner one-pieces while stem christie-ing perfect corduroy and act, like, civilized. But, no. That would be far too easy. Skiing’s siren song dares us to enter into some of the most dangerous environments and unreasonable situations imaginable…in skin suits. And we accept, willingly. In fact, we pay money for it.

To wit, last week we looked at world cup telemark racers that rip rock hard snow at 50 MPH in true telemark style, combining 40 foot jumps with lung-busting uphill skate sections. This week, we’ve got some news from another part of the SCARPA tribe, the ski mountaineer, or randonee racer.

Last weekend, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee played host to two of the three selection races for qualifying for the US Ski Mountaineering Team. Saturday’s race was the US National Championships at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, with over 7600ft of climbing, including a boot pack up Corbet’s Couloir, which seems fairly manageable until you realize that competitors also had to ski down that much vertical as fast as they could on what basically amounts to a slightly beefed up cross-country ski set-up…in skin suits.

SCARPA-sponsored Team Crested Butte placed two of their athletes, Jari Kirkland and Bryan Wickenhauser, on the U.S. National Team with a pair of 5th place finishes.Congrats to Jari and Bryan.

See the full release after the video. Check the full results for the weekend here and here.

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