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Why everyone should attend the Red Rock Rendezvous in 2013

Apr. 6th 2012

Rob Pizem, SCARPA athlete has nothing but great things to say about the Red Rock Rendezvous. From clinics to gear to the overall feel, Pizem had a great time and wants everyone else to share his amazing experience next year.

I, Rob Pizem, had the wonderful opportunity to teach two clinics and be auctioned off by the American Alpine Club at this year’s Red Rock Rendezvous. Along with meeting great people, enjoying the sunny and sometimes windy Nevada weather and getting to go rock climbing, I just wanted to let everyone know why the event kicks butt. Next year is the 10th annual, and I know that it will be a special and amazing time for everyone involved. Special thanks to SCARPA for sending me to represent them at this event. As usual, it was an honor.

This climbing festival is well planned and organized. With over 1000 people participating in clinics and no hiccups, this event runs smoothly. Thanks to Paul Fish for having a great team of planners and a super team of volunteers to make the activities happen without a hitch.

When I arrived, I was able to sign in, find restrooms, camping and clinic locations without even having to sweat it. I had never been to the event and I immediately felt at home. There was a covered stage, rows of vendors and games, large tents, slack lines, green grass,  and caterers taking care of business all weekend. All of the clinics had clearly marked busses taking participants and instructors to and from their assigned locations.

The RRR had plenty of things for folks to do including clinics ranging from how to use a GPS, to biking, falling, leading, big-walling, and bouldering. Pros were there to share insight and tips that will help everyone better enjoy their days outside. Other than the clinics, there are plenty of events during the evening and tons of free gear is given away. Finally, the psyche from all the participants which came from all over the US and even the world was contagious.

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